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Classic white marble x slate, double the beauty and practicality of decoration

On the classics of stone in the field of architectural design, white marble must be on the list. Its pure and varied texture brings a natural and atmospheric decorative effect.

However, at the same time, natural marble is expensive, has certain radioactivity, natural pores are easily polluted, lack of elasticity and difficult to process, and strict maintenance, which makes it difficult to popularize in household applications today.

The appearance of slate directly and thoroughly solved this problem. No matter in terms of size, texture effect, etc., slate can restore 100% natural marble, while avoiding various problems of natural stone, so that every family can enjoy the beauty of classic white marble.

Today, Lingbiao Technology brings you 4 types of white marble slate. In the design of the living room, only one such slate background wall can easily create a natural and stable aura.

01-Alpine White

On top of the pure white, the gray texture like a dragon wanders around, bringing a strong sense of presence to the visual experience. Among all the white marbled slates, this Alpine white has a remarkable texture but is not dense. It is very suitable for living rooms with flat and large flats. It should not be ignored or overstated.

02-Norway White

This Norwegian white, on the other hand, distributes the texture more "evenly" on the white canvas, with a changeable and wanton feeling, bringing a more artistic visual enjoyment. In this living room design, Lingbiao Technology combines this white marble-patterned slate background wall with dark wood grain. The double contrast of color and material makes the living room environment elegant and atmospheric, with a fashionable charm.

03-Greek White

Just like its name, this "Greek White" marble slab has a more delicate and graceful texture, as if it is lighter and lighter due to the heaviness of history. Its texture has a flying and upward feeling, like Lingbiao Technology, which links it with the new Chinese-style home design, and has a natural fit. Such a slate background wall makes our living room instantly have a calm and light artistic atmosphere, and it is very simple to take care of.

04- Rosa White

In this design case, Lingbiao Technology applied slate to the background wall in a large area. On the one hand, the white marble texture brings smooth and varied texture beauty; on the other hand, the large-scale application also reflects the infinite application brought by the large size of the slate. This is the double effect of white marble x slate: it not only magnifies the beauty, but also abandons the defects of natural marble, making the application more extensive and durable.

As a new type of technological material , the density of rock slab is much higher than that of natural marble, and even much higher than that of ceramic tiles or ceramic slabs. This gives it good abrasion resistance and natural cleaning properties that are not easy for any stains or bacteria to penetrate and breed. At the same time, compared with natural marble, slate is a non-radioactive material and can be used more safely in household applications.

Using technology to expand the scope of application and bring better enjoyment to more families, Lingbiao Technology believes that this is the significance of new materials.